Object Model

This section provides in-depth reference information on the Object Model of the ToolTipsFactory components. This information is divided into several subsections:


Graphical Object-Models are a good starting-point to get a first overview of the objects, and their corresponding members, as they are provided by the different components. Such graphical representations of the ToolTipsFactory component's can be found in: Overview
Reference information on the properties which the ToolTipsFactory components have in common is provided in: Common properties
Methods and functions provided by all tooltip components are documented in the section on Common methods and functions
Members exposed or provided only by individual tooltip components, are described in: Component-specific properties and methods


Please note: The members discussed in this object model and in the reference sections represent the official interface to the ToolTipsFactory components. The components and namespaces contain more classes, properties and procedures as are listed in this documentation. Due to the structure of the ToolTipsFactory components and their constituting libraries (DLL's) many of this classes and their members need to have public visibility, what makes them visible (and accessible) in the various object-browsers and editors inside of Visual Studio. But the fact, that a class is public visible does not mean that it is intended to be used in third-party applications. Most of this undocumented classes and members are only for internal use by the ToolTipsFactory components. It is strongly recommended to not use any of this undocumented classes in your code, because we can not guarantee that this classes or members are still available in future versions of the ToolTipsFactory.