Object Model - Common Methods and Functions

This section provides an overview of the methods and functions supported by all ToolTipsFactory tooltip components. They are listed in alphabetical order. To navigate to the reference page of a specific method or function, just click on the icon in the left column:


This method applies the border-layout stored in a TTBorderOverride-object to the tooltip-component.
applies the timing values stored in a TTTimingOverride-object to the tooltip-component.
applies the override-values stored in the passed object to the tooltip-component.
loads a tooltip-layout from file.
returns a boolean value that indicates if one or more override-values are set for the tooltip-layout of a specific control.
Turns off the tooltip currently displayed by the tooltip component. (Has the same effect as moving the mouse away from a control, for which the tooltip is displayed.)
This procedure resets the tooltip component layout to the state before the last layout-override occurred.
Initiates the display of a tooltip.
saves the current layout of the tooltip component into a file.
returns a value indicating the color-depth (bits/color) of the screen.