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This function returns a boolean value that indicates if one or more override-values are set for the tooltip-layout of a specific control.

[Visual Basic]
Public Function OverridesPresent() As Boolean
public bool OverridesPresent();



Return value

A Boolean value. If one or more override-values are set for a given control, this function returns True, otherwise False.



The ToolTipsFactory tooltip components provide a so called extended property to each control on the same form as the tooltip-component (see the section on "Provided Properties"). This provided properties point to complex objects which enclose several content and layout properties for the tooltip-component that provides the extended property. One of this sub-properties is the Override-property, which encapsulates all overridable layout-properties that might be applied to the tooltip-component when the tooltip for a specific control is activated. See "The Override-Property" for a detailed discussion and the "Quick start tutorial - Part III" for an introduction on how to override layout-elements of the tooltip-components for the tooltips of individual controls.

Because the Override-property itself is a complex object and there are quiet a lot of layout-elements that can be overridden, the override-objects provide the function OverridesPresent() to determine if one or more layout-elements are overridden for the tooltip of the specific control.


The following code gets the override-object of a specific control and checks whether there are overridden layout-values to be used when the tooltip for this control is activated. If this is the case, it calls a procedure which saves the override-layout defined for this control into a standard ToolTipsFactory tooltip layout-file (how to do this is described in the section on "RestoreOriginalLayout()").

Private Sub SaveMultiLineTTOverride(ByVal comp As ToolTipsFactoryMultiLine, _

                                    ByVal control As Control, _

                                    ByVal file As String)

'We assign the override-object to a variable

'to make the code more readable...

Dim myOverrides As MultiLineTTOverride

myOverrides = comp.GetMultiLineToolTip(control).Override

If myOverrides.OverridesPresent Then


End If

End Sub


Private Overloads Sub SaveOverrides(ByVal comp As ToolTipsFactoryMultiLine, _

                                    ByVal file As String, _

                                    ByVal overrides As MultiLineTTOverride)

'Apply the Override-layout to the component...


'Save the (overridden) layout into a file....


'This restores the previously active layout...


End Sub