Quick start tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to show, how fast and easy you can add ToolTip-controls from the ToolTipsFactory to your own windows forms applications. This quick introduction on the practical use of the ToolTipsFactory is for the "The Fast and the Furious" among you. It is intended for developers who want to put their hands on the controls right away and who want to see right now how their killer application looks with the new ToolTips.

So, we are not going to waste more time with introductory details and go for it right away. We will provide some useful - but not exhaustive - background information on the way. If you want to get more in-depth information about the ToolTipsFactory components, you'll find it in other sections of this documentation.

The Quick start tutorial comes in four parts, where each part shows how to add and use one of the four ToolTipsFactory components. The time it takes to read and apply the steps will be approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

After this tutorial you should be able to quickly add and use the ToolTipsFactory components in your own applications and the key concepts on how to use them at the "point & click"-level should be clear.

If you know what a mouse is, have your Visual Studio in place and the ToolTipsFactory installed as described in "Installation", you are ready to go.


The first part is quiet descriptive. It shows how to create the example project, and how to add the ToolTipsFactory components to it. It then leads the reader through all the steps needed to design a new layout for the ToolTipsFactory SingleLineToolTip and how to use the component on a windows form.

Because the steps showed in this part are common to all ToolTipsFactory components, they are explained in more detail.

Part I
The second part focuses on the MultiLineToolTip component. The explanations are kept shorter. Part II
The third part shows the use of the ImageToolTip. Part III
In the last part of the tutorial we are going to see, how to use the AnimationToolTip. This will again need some more explanation, because it introduces a new designer. Part IV


Please note: The sample project for this tutorial can be found in the "<ToolTipsFactoryHomeDir>.\Samples\Quick start tutorial"-directory, but it is strongly suggested to work through the tutorial and build the project step by step, as described.