The Animation-Editor - Editing functions

This chapter and it's subsections describe the various function-groups accessible through the tabs enclosed by the Animation-Editor group-box.

There are three main function-groups organized in the corresponding tabs. These function-groups are listed in the table below, together with a short description and a link to the corresponding section, where the functions are discussed in detail:


Tab Description
Timing: The Timing-tab provides functions to edit and shape the timing of either the whole animation or selected sequences of it. These functions are described in the section on "The time-machine".
Images: The Images-tab itself also provides several function-groups to load and save, scale or manipulate single or groups of images. These functions are discussed in the section on "Image-editing and handling".
Animation: This tab provides the means to load and save complete animations or scenes. These functions are described in the section on "Animation-handling".