The Animation-Editor - Animation-handling

This section describes the usage of the functions provided by the Animation-TabPage. 

The Animation-TabPage provides various functions to handle ToolTipsFactory-Animations as entities:


Button Description
Load... This button leads directly to a standard Open File dialog box, which allows to locate and select a ToolTipsFactory Animation-file (*.afx"). The selected file is then loaded into the Animation-Editor. The previous Animation is discarded. The name of the file, from which the Animation was loaded is displayed in the title-bar of the Animation-Editor-window:


Save This saves the current Animation to the (*.afx) file from which it was originally loaded with the "Load..."-command. This works only if the Animation was loaded from file or saved to a file in the same Animation-Editor session, because the filename is not preserved by the Animation-object stored in the project resource-file.

If the current Animation in the Animation-Editor is not associated with a file and the Save-button is activated, the user will be first prompted for a filename and location. (In this case the Save-command is identical to the "Save as"...-command.)

Save as... This function allows the user to save the current Animation as a ToolTipsFactory Animation-file. A Save File dialog box will be opened, which allows to navigate to the target-directory and to specify a name for the file.

The full path/name of the created Animation-file is taken as the default target for any subsequent Save-operation. This is also reflected by the fact that the filename/path is displayed in the title-bar of the Animation-Editor-window.

Import... This tab provides the means to import a ToolTipsFactory Animation-file into the current Animation. This means it gives the possibility to combine various, already existing ToolTipsFactory Animation-scenes to a new movie.

The imported scene or Animation is inserted right before the current location of the row-selector in the Frames-Grid.