The four assembly lines

The four main components of the ToolTipsFactory can literaly be viewed as four independent assembly lines in a Factory. Each of this assembly lines is able to produce different products. As a car factory, with assembly lines for different types of cars (van's, trucks, sedan's), the ToolTipsFactory has different assemly lines which can be added to the applications you are developing. In there they can start to produce different types of ToolTips, and - as in modern car manufaturing - each ToolTip that leaves the assembly line may have it's own look and options.


The ToolTipsFactory consists of four independent components: 


This component adds a ToolTip to all controls on a form to show one single line of text. Optionally it can display an image or movie on either the left or the right side of the text. The layout and behavior is fully customizable.


This component enables the controls on a form to show multiple lines of text in the ToolTip.


With this component you can show any kind of image (icons, photographies, dynamicly created drawings etc), in the tooltip.


This component gives your application the capability to pop up fully animated ToolTips. The animation (the movie-clip) can be assigned and edited at design-time or it can be generated dynamically by the application.