Technical Support

You can obtain technical support using any of the following methods:

Abstraction Systems Web site

The Abstraction Systems Web site at provides additional information and software downloads for ToolTipsFactory for .NET users, including:


Of course you can always directly contact the Abstraction Systems team by e-mail:


We provide free technical e-mail support to all registered users.

To help us provide you with the best support, please include the following information, when contacting Abstraction Systems:

  • Your ToolTipsFactory license number.
  • Version and name of your operating system.
  • Name and version of your development environment.

Because we want to continuously improve our products and provide our customers the tooltips-technology they really need, we invite you to send us your ideas, comments and suggestions on what you'd like to see included in future releases of the ToolTipsFactory.

Our goal is not only to build great components, but also to provide usable and really informative documentation for our products, because we firmly believe that only complete, understandable and elaborated documentation enables developers to quickly get the most out of complex components. Therefore, we also invite you to tell us, what you are missing and what you didn't like about the documentation. (Of course, we're also glad to read about what you liked...)

For all sales- and licensing issues, please contact:

For general inquiries, please write to: