Task-based Tutorials

The task-based tutorials is a series of articles concerning the usage of the ToolTipsFactory tooltip components. This articles will not only address common tasks, but also focus on more specialized applications and techniques. The main purpose of this articles is to answer many of the "How can I...?"-questions that maybe arise around the ToolTipsFactory. And they should also give an idea of all the possible ways to make use of the dynamic capabilities of the tooltips. Some articles will only provide links to other sections of the ToolTipsFactory-documentation, where solutions, samples and/or background information for the specific task can be found. 

Of course, new questions and new ways on how to use the tooltips, will appear over time. Because of this, the list of articles is supposed to grow and will be updated from one release to the next.

The available articles are listed below, together with a short description:


Title Content
Set/change ToolTip-content at run-time This article describes how the tooltip-content can be dynamically changed at run-time.
Change ToolTip-properties at run-time provides links to other sections where this topic is discussed.
How to override ToolTip-properties at run-time does also reference other sections where this topic is discussed.
How to load and save ToolTip-layouts at run-time provides links to other sections which address this topics.
How to use ToolTips with the ListBox-control discusses the various ways, how the ToolTipsFactory tooltips can enrich the functionality of the standard ListBox-control.
How to use ToolTips with grid-controls describes how the ToolTipsFactory tooltips can be integrated with many of the popular grid-controls.
How to use dynamically created Images with ImageToolTips shows, how to dynamically create images at run-time and how to assign them to ImageToolTips.
How to create Animations at run-time for the AnimationToolTip component This article discusses how you can dynamically create ToolTipsFactory Animations (movies) to be used with Animation- or SingleLineToolTips.