Object Model - Enumerations - BorderStyleOverride

Specifies the different types of backgrounds available for the ToolTipsFactory tooltips.

[Visual Basic]
Public Enum BorderStyleOverride
public enum BorderStyleOverride


This enumeration is identical to the BorderStyle-enumeration, except that it provides one more member: The value "OverrideOff" is used to reset an already set override-value for a property. This option is usually offered by the dropdown-lists in the property-grid for the Override-object exposed by the extended properties (please see "Provided properties" and "Layout Override-Designer" for more details).

Setting BorderOverride.Border=BorderStyleOverride.OverrideOff tells the tooltip component to use the default border-style defined at the component-level and to not change the border-style for the specific control, while any other value would cause the component to render the border of the tooltip for the specific control with the BorderStyle assigned to BorderOverride.Border.