Object Model - Common Properties - AutomaticDelay

Gets or sets a value which is used as a base value to calculate and set the various timing-properties for the tooltip component.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property AutomaticDelay As Integer
public int AutomaticDelay {get; set;}

Property Value

Any Integer value greater then -1




This property is just a commodity to define all timing-properties of a tooltip component at once, based on the assigned value and according to a predefined scheme. The other timing-properties of the component (AutoPopDelay, InitialDelay and ReshowDelay) will only be changed accordingly, when a new value is assigned to AutomaticDelay. The property itself

The following scheme is used to preset the other timing-properties, based on the value (t) assigned to AutomaticDelay:

AutoPopDelay = 10 * t

InitialDelay = t

ReshowDelay = t/10


The statement

Me.ToolTipsFactorySingleLine1.AutomaticDelay = 300

assigns the following values to the other timing-properties of the component:

AutoPopDelay = 3000

InitialDelay = 300

ReshowDelay = 30