Object Model - Additional Properties - FontShadow

Gets or sets a value which defines if the text displayed in the tooltip should be rendered with a shadow.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property FontShadow As Boolean
public bool FontShadow {get; set;}

Property Value

A boolean value. The default-value is False.



Property of
AnimationTT ImageTT SingleLineTT MultiLineTT


This property defines whether the text displayed in the tooltip should be rendered with or without a shadow. Samples for the effect of this switch are shown below:



If specified at the component-level for a tooltip component (i.e. by defining the FontShadow directly for the component), the assigned value will become the default setting for the tooltips of all controls on the same form:

'Define that the tooltips shown by this component

'should always render text with a shadow... 

Me.MultiLine.FontShadow = True

This default setting for the FontShadow-switch can be overridden for each control through the Override-property provided to all controls on the same form by the tooltip component (see "The Override-Property").

If the override-value for the FontShadow has to be set or changed at runtime for the tooltip of a specific control, code like the following is needed:

'Override the default setting of the FontShadow-switch for the tooltip

'of Panel1...

Me.MultiLine.GetMultiLineToolTip(Panel1) _

.Override.FontLayoutOverride.FontShadow = True