Object Model - The AnimationFrame class - DisplayTime 

Gets or sets a value which defines the time in milliseconds, the AnimationFrame has to be displayed, before the next frame is loaded and rendered.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property DisplayTime As Integer
public int DisplayTime {get; set;}

Property Value

Any positive Integer value.


This property holds the time (in milliseconds) the AnimationFrame has to be displayed when the movie-clip is played. This can also be defined as the interval between this frame and the following one.

The accuracy of the timer, which controls the rendering of the Animation, is about 10 milliseconds.


'Create a new AnimationFrame

Dim myFrame As AnimationFrame

Dim myImage As Image = Image.FromFile("C:\Temp\Photo1.jpg")

myFrame = New AnimationFrame(myImage)

'change the default DisplayTime (30 ms)

'to 10 seconds....

myFrame.DisplayTime = 10000