Object Model - The Animation class - TotalImageFileSize 

This function returns the total file-size of all FrameImages of the Animation.

[Visual Basic]
Public Function TotalImageFileSize() As Long
public long TotalImageFileSize();



Return value

The total file-size (in bytes) of all FrameImages as a Long value. 


This function determines the total size of the resulting files, if all frame-images would be saved to file. 


'Create a new Animation...

Dim myAnimation As Animation

'...and load an existing ToolTipsFactory Animation from file.



'Loop through all Frames and write their ImageFileSize to

'the debug-window....

Dim Length As Integer = myAnimation.Frames.Count

Dim frame Dim AnimationFrame

For Each frame In myAnimation.Frames

    Debug.WriteLine("File-size: " & frame.GetImageFileSize())

Next frame

'Finally, show the size of all frames together...

Debug.WriteLine("Total file-size: " & myAnimation.TotalImageFileSize())