Object Model - The Animation class - GetFrameByIndex 

Gets a specific AnimationFrame

[Visual Basic]
Public Function GetFrameByIndex(ByVal Index As Integer) As AnimationFrame
public AnimationFrame GetFrameByIndex(int index);



    The index zero-based index of the AnimationFrame to be retrieved.

Return value

The requested AnimationFrame. Nothing, if the requested frame does not exist. 


This function is used to get access to a specific AnimationFrame of the Animation-object. This reference can be used to access the members of the AnimationFrame-object. 


'Create a new Animation...

Dim myAnimation As Animation = New Animation

'Load an existing Animation from file


'Lets replace a frame in the middle of the movie with a little

' advertisement (displayed for 1 minute)...

Dim myMacAd As Image = LoadMacintoshAd()

Dim targetFrame As AnimationFrame

targetFrame = myAnimation.GetFrameByIndex(81000)

targetFrame.FrameImage = myMacAd

targetFrame.DisplayTime = 60000