Object Model - The Animation class - Save

This method saves the Animation to file.

[Visual Basic]
Public Overloads Sub Save(ByVal Path As String)
public void Save(string path);



    The full path and name of the target file.


This method saves the Animation into the file indicated by Path. It does not check, whether the file or the given path exist. If the target directory does not exist, an corresponding exception will be thrown. If the target file indicated by Path already exists, it will be overwritten. Therefore it is up to the hosting application to make sure, that this situations either do not arise, by checking everything first, or to catch the exceptions that may be thrown. 


'Create a new Animation...

Dim myAnimation As Animation

'...and load an existing ToolTipsFactory Animation from file.



'Insert a commercial clip in the middle of the main movie...

Dim Length As Integer = myAnimation.Frames.Count

myAnimation.Load("C:\Movies\ToolTipsFactory.afx", CInt(Length / 2))


'Save the new version of the movie...