Object Model - The Animation class - AddFrame 

Appends an AnimationFrame at the end of the Animation.

[Visual Basic]
Public Function AddFrame(ByVal Frame As AnimationFrame) As Integer
public int AddFrame(AnimationFrame frame);



    The AnimationFrame to be added to the Animation.

Return value

An Integer value indicating the position of the frame in the frames-sequence of the Animation.


This function is used to append an AnimationFrame to the end of the movie handled by the Animation-object. 

'Create a new Animation...

Dim myAnimation As Animation = New Animation

'Create a new AnimationFrame...

Dim myFrame As Frame = New AnimationFrame

Dim myImage As Image = Image.FromFile("C:\Temp\Photo1.jpg")

myFrame = New AnimationFrame(myImage)

'...and add it to the Animation.

Dim myFrameIndex As Integer

myFrameIndex  = myAnimation.AddFrame(myFrame)