This section will lead you through all the necessary steps to successfully install the ToolTipsFactory for .NET on a development machine. It does not address the issue on how to deploy applications that include the ToolTipsFactory controls - this is discussed in the chapter on 'Deployment'. 

The installation process encompasses several pretty straightforward steps. If you follow this steps, you should be up and running in a couple of minutes.


First of all, the system on which the ToolTipsFactory will be installed, should meet some requirements. These are listed in: System requirements
The main installation is pretty easy but nevertheless documented in: Main Installation
Last but not least, we invite you to register your license through the Abstraction Systems Website in order to get all the nice benefits that usually come along with purchased licenses.
And this is also the place where we invite developers, who are using the trial version, to purchase a license if they like the product: