Deploying Abstraction Systems .NET components in Applications

This section discusses how to deploy the ToolTipsFactory components with your applications.

The ToolTipsFactory components are XCOPY-deployable. To deploy an application, the used ToolTipsFactory assemblies just have to be copied into the installation-directory of the application on the target client machine. There are two approaches, how you can determine, which ToolTipsFactory assemblies are used by the application:

  1. If you are going to manually copy the application and all related files to a directory on a client machine, you should consult the following two sections, to define, which ToolTipsFactory assemblies need to be deployed:
     - ToolTipsFactory Assemblies Overview
     - Components
  2. If you are using the Visual Studio .NET Setup Wizard or one of the commercial installation tools, you don't have to worry about which assemblies have to be included in the package. Usually this tools will automatically analyze the dependencies, include all needed files in the deployment package and make sure that all files are installed into the correct locations on the target client computer.