Full Visual Studio integration of the ToolTipsFactory

The ToolTipsFactory components are tightly integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio. All components provide full property-grid and Visual Studio designer support. All layout and behavior properties can be changed and tested right within the Visual Studio environment. Some more complex properties (like the Animation property) come with their own powerful editor.
This integration in the Visual Studio environment makes it realy easy for developers to add and layout various kinds of ToolTips in their own applications. 
The following table gives you a quick overview on how the ToolTipsFactory integration in Visual Studio looks:

Part of the AnimationToolTip component property grid

The extended property provided by the AnimationToolTip component.


The Animation-Editor, to create and edit ToolTipsFactory-Animations right inside Visual Studio.

The dialog to edit the timing of animation sequences

A ToolTipsFactory designer to configure and test the layout of a ToolTip right inside of Visual Studio.